David Hedison and Nancy Dussault
 Love Letters
 photos courtesy of Linda Delaney

Nancy, the Director John Burke and David
David, Nancy, Limo Driver Robert Hammond,
 his wife, Diane, Val Meyer, Bruce and Janis Gianforte

Jane Daffron
(Sue Kite Photo)
David with Robert Hammond and wife

Sue Kite's Review of Love Letters

I really wasn't familiar with Love Letters when I decided to come to Monmouth and see the production with friends, but found it a fascinating look at the lives of two people through the letters they wrote to each other over the decades of their childhood, young adulthood and maturity. I have watched 'reader's theater' before, but this was many steps beyond. I was amazed at the depth of personality of the characters as portrayed by the reading of the letters. David Hedison and Nancy Dussault were absolutely scintillating as they reacted to one another's lines (letters) without even looking at each other. They gave sparkle and life to two characters who obviously had great affinity for one another even if they didn't always realize it. Melissa's (Nancy Dussault) often unhappy, though uninhibited free spirit checked Andrew's (David Hedison) sometimes stuffy and almost always proper demeanor. I found myself caring for the characters, enjoying the performance at the hands of these two talented veterans and crying at the end when Andrew penned his final letter to Melissa's mother, finally acknowledging what the audience had figured out in the first act.

Well worth coming from Tennessee to see.

sue kite